Our Impact

Our impact over the years

Since 1981 BEBRF has awarded almost $3 million in Research Grants. One study resulted in botulinum toxin being approved for treatment, and it remains the most effective form of treatment in our patients as well as other dystonia patients.

4,000 patients and caregivers have been reached in our community and provided with education and resources, and we continue to grow each year.

BEBRF volunteers typically hold over fifty support groups a year in the US.

Over 100 people globally attend annual BEBRF Symposiums to learn more about blepharospasm.

BEBRF spends an average of 8 – 10 hours a week, counseling patients and caregivers on ways to cope with their blepharospasm.

In 2020, BEBRF implemented online Zoom support group meetings to continue offering support to patients during the pandemic and reach those who can’t typically attend meetings in person. This will continue to keep supporting those in need.

BEBRF has also started hosting online webinars every few months to continue to provide more education to patients and caregivers.

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